What's ESL
  • Provide a space where students can help fellow students to improve their language skills, while at the same time reinforcing skills and knowledge that the students already possess;
  • Develop the language skills of any student who wishes to improve his or her English ability beyond regular university classes;
  • Serve as a clearing house for information about standardized English tests (like TOEIC, STEP, and others), and language learning opportunities inside and outside the university, and
  • Access more fully the knowledge and expertise of the university faculty.
The Policy of the ESL

Yokkaichi University has always put a high priority on English education. In addition to practical English classes in each faculty and study-abroad programs in the US, England, and Australia, the Community College offers a popular selection of English language learning opportunities to the community. Yokkaichi University has established the ESL to offer still greater opportunities for language learning.

The ESL Supports The Students in Various Ways

  For example,

  • Taking TOEIC
     Guidance to get higher score at TOEIC
  • Supporting Self-studying
     Supporting their self-studying and suggesting the program for each
  • Studying and trips abroad
     Giving information and guidance for studying abroad
  • Questions about the English classes
     Consultant/Questions about the classes
  • Events
     Short-term English House
     Winter Party
      Speech Contest
      Students Welcome Parties