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A total of eleven 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students in Gordon Rees’s seminar concluded their semester course work by attending the play “Proof” on January 13th at the Electric Cultural Hall in Fushimi. The play, performed entirely in English but with Japanese subtitles, was produced by Nameless Media Productions, a foreign acting troupe based in Nagoya. This is the second consecutive year that students in this seminar have attended an English play. Last year, as part of their 2nd semester seminar, they attended the Nagoya Player’s production of a modern day version of “A Christmas Carol.” For some of the students however, it was their first opportunity to see a play in person, and a great chance for them to practice their English listening skills.


“The actor who played the part of Hal was superb. They acted exactly like it was done in the movie. I wondered how they could remember so many long lines from many different scenes. They put in a lot of work and have had a lot of training.” (4年男子留学生)

This was the first time I had seen “living theatre.” I say “living” because the stage was so close to me. The actors were performing just a few meters away from my seat. The two actresses were gorgeous, and the younger actor in the play was quite handsome. One thing that fascinated me was that the actors memorized their lines perfectly! How did they do that? It was about a two hour play! Unbelievable! I can imagine how much effort they must have put into it, drawing from my own experience in our seminar. (4年男子留学生)



初めて英語の劇というもの観ました。始めは絶対に眠くなると思っていましたが、日本語と違って、 わからない分、字幕と一緒に観たりして、だんだんはまっていきました。本当は英語をわかって観ているのが楽しいですが、字幕に頼っても楽しめました。周りも外国の方が多く、結構日本人もいましたが、みんな英語をしゃべれるぐらいの人たちだったので、羨ましいと思っていました。たまにこういう劇を観に行くのもありだなーと思います。機会があったらまた観に行きたいです。(3年男子学生)



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