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 Liu Xiaoting
 Bui Thanh Tam
 Dilan Perera
 Ryota Niwa
 Yumi Katoh

Liu Xiaoting         
Astrology, Blood Type and Character

 Good afternoon everyone. The title of my speech is “Astrology, Blood Type and Character”.
 There are many kinds of people in the world. Each person has different thoughts and feelings. Everyone is different. In our personal lives, we sometimes don’t sufficiently know ourselves. What we think about things we want to do, we too often choose without enough deliberation and just leave nature to take its course. We are not psychologists, and we can’t think deeply about everything.
 But I’m different. I want to understand all kinds of things about why people have different thoughts and feelings. I guess it’s linked to a person’s character. Some people are quiet, some are studious, some are moody, some are talkative, and so on.
 Do you know what character is? Your character is the sum of all the qualities that make you who you are: your values, your thoughts, your words and your actions. Of course your parents, your school, your teachers, and your culture influence your character. But I think astrology and blood type also have an influence. This is important.
 Do you know about astrology and blood type? Do you believe in their influence? Different people have different opinions. Some people believe in them, and some people don’t. I believe in astrology and blood type because of what I have read about my zodiac sign being Cancer, and my blood type being O. People with Cancer as their sign love their family and children, and they are moody and sensitive. These things match my character. And again, people with O blood type are supposed to be impulsive but also tolerant, and this matches my character, too.
 So in my case, I have found out that my zodiac sign and blood type both match up with what I know about myself. To find out about other people’s character, I think I will begin making a survey of my friends’ signs and blood types from no on.

Bui Thanh Tam

Danger of Online Dating

 Let it be known: I am not a big fan of online dating. Yes, at least one of my best friends found her fabulous fiancé online. But for the rest of us, we’re much better off meeting real live humans eye-to-eye the way nature intended. Here are four reasons why.

1. Consider electronic privacy and other risks while looking for love online.
 Although Internet dating has become widespread and socially acceptable, as the number of online daters grows, so do stories about the risks arising.

 Online dating horror stories abound, including dates who don’t resemble their posted pictures, dates who encounter frightening personalities, they may be married, have a criminal record or may not be who they say they are.
 Electronic privacy is easy to violate when you give someone personal information about yourself such as a telephone number or email address. The more details you provide, the more you put yourself at risk.
 Spammers use online dating sites to cull email addresses to add to their spam lists.

2. You can waste a lot of time online chasing what you don’t want.
 Here’s the timeline of a typical online courtship for a guy: He sees a profile of a woman he likes. He writes her. A day or two later, he gets a response. If she’s receptive, the conversation moves to email after a few exchanges. If her internet continues, they speak on the phone, and begin to plan a meeting. A week or two later they meet in person. And it turns out that she is gigantic (which didn’t show in her waist-up photos), or she’s 6 inches shorter than advertised, or if you are a woman, you may have the same kind of surprise with your guy.
 Down the toilet. And worst of all, you kinda feel like a fool for building it all up in your mind for naught. You’re never getting those two weeks back again. So save yourself some time, and meet people in person before you decide to pursue.

3. Avoid financial scams.
 Financial scammers from overseas use dating sites to lure unsuspecting victims into parting with their money. When they have established trust and “fallen in love,” they may ask for a small and reasonable amount of money. As the “romance” progresses, however, the amounts increase, and the reasons for needing the money become more elaborate.

 No matter how intense an online romance feels, when an Internet friend asks for money, it should raise a red CARD. Never send money to someone from an online dating site.

4. Guard your personal safety.
 If you do decide to meet in person, protect yourself. Drive yourself to the date, and meet during the day in a busy public place. Tell friends and family where you’re going and whom you’re meeting. Listen to your gut. If your instincts tell you that something doesn’t feel right, heed that warning and move on.

 One of the surest steps you can take to protect yourself in the world of online dating is to safeguard your private information.

 Instead of using your home email address, get a free email account from Yahoo, Hotmail or another service, and use that for all your dating correspondence.
 Likewise, don’t provide home address or telephone information. Instead, communicate via Skype, or consider buying a disposable cell phone you use only for online dating.
 Get to know someone before providing any personal information.

 With all these threats lurking, is it possible to protect yourself and find love on the Internet? With a little care, you can decrease your risk of running afoul of a negative online dating experience, mitigating the reputation risks of online dating. Use these tips and avoid the reputation risks of online dating.

Dilan Perera
Internet Usage

 In 1982 Internet protocol suits (TCP/IP) were introduced into Access Arpanet and the National Science Foundation developed the COMPUTER SCIENCE NETWORK or CSNET giving access to super computer sites in America.
 Then, in the late 1980s and early 1900s, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) began as a support for the commerce sites emerging over the Internet.
 From the 1990s on, following the creation of the World Wide Web (www), the Internet was starting to have a big impact on commerce and culture. Sir Tim Berners-Lee is known as the inventor of the World Wide Web.
 The WWW is a system of interlined hypertext documents in the form of web pages containing images, soundtracks, videos and animations. It works with HTML commands and using a language created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee accessed via a browser with game Internet connections.
 The Internet user population has been swelling rapidly since the arrival of the WWW and has now reached 2.27 billion worldwide thanks to the drawing power of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and My Space. Many people like to spend their time on social networks seeking information and making friends around the world.
 There are five reasons that I found listed on the Internet accounting for why people like social networking.

  1) It is ubiquitous
  2) It is time absorbing.
  3) It is habit forming.
  4) It influences life offline.
  5) It helps in business.

 Specifically, the Internet contributes to the business sector through its supply of information and communication technology (ICT). In the form of electronic commerce, it allows consumers to buy goods directly online. There are two categories of online shopping, b2c business (business to consumers) and b2b (business to business). Another important fact here is the influence of Internet entertainment. In recent decades, a large number of people like to play online games which they can design and order individually. At the same time, You Tube has also become very popular.
 Howver, this also has a dark side, which can aptly be called the “dark Internet”.

Ryota Niwa

My Future Dream

 Today I would like to talk about a dream I have for my future. I want to be a civil servant so that I can work to support the community.

 That is why I am currently studying for the civil service exams every day. And this summer, I applied for an internship in Mie Prefectural Office. I had many valuable experiences there, and I learned a lot.
 Two things in particular were most impressive. One was the task I was given of making a flier for farmers. Another was the presentation I made about the flier to the rest of the staff at the prefectural office.
 These two experiences helped me to form an image for myself of a civil servants’ work.

 Now I am back studying again, and doing my best to make my future dream come true.

 Thank you.

 Yumi Katoh
I will Start Taking Pictures

 I like to take pictures. Especially I take the photographs of the sky because the sky is beautiful. The sky has its own expressions.
 One of the charms of taking sky pictures is you can never take the exact same things again. But I can’t cope with the technical side of cameras well so I would like to study more about photography.
 And I will continue taking photographs as eagerly as ever.